13.1 Miles in torrential rain – what an achievement!

Well done to the Red Eagle team for raising £1,000 for the Red Eagle Foundation, running in the Folkestone Half Marathon at the weekend. This money will improve the quality of life for at least one more disadvantaged child in Kent.

Jason Alderson, Group Finance Director, who was up for the challenge said, “Well that was absolutely ridiculous. 30mph winds in the face all the way from the Leas to Hythe, getting blasted in the mouth with salt water and having my contacts washed out and then on the way back the waves were washing up on the sea wall over my feet (and washed some poor bloke off his feet). Done it though.”

Vicki Rice, Senior Recruitment Specialist, who also took part commented, “I’m still absolutely frozen and legs in bits. It may not have been quite the time I wanted, but it was worth it knowing that as a team we have raised a fantastic amount.”

And a final note from Jason, “A huge thanks to everyone who has sponsored the team, it made a huge difference on the way round making sure we didn’t let anyone down and that we suffered enough to make the donation worthwhile.”

If anyone would still like to donate, just visit:
Just Giving page