Charlie becomes more socially and physically active with his new trike

Charlie enjoying his trike in the local park

9 year old Charlie Tottle, and his therapist from Orchards in Sittingbourne, were delighted when they received the news that they were granted the full amount of £1,066.00 for a bespoke trike, by a local charity, the Red Eagle Foundation.

Charlie suffers from Perthes Disease, Global Development Delay, Epilepsy, and visual Impairment but due to the bespoke nature of his needs the trike couldn’t be funded by the NHS.

The new Theraplay Trike will help Charlie become more mobile and both socially & physically active. He has been unable to use a standard bike with stabilisers, as he lacks the balance and co-ordination required. Regular use of this trike will have a therapeutic benefit, helping improve his strength and stability and enable him to make physical progress in a fun and motivating, social environment.

Charlie’s mum, Susan said, “The Trike has given Charlie his independence and the ability to catch up with his peers.”

The Theraplay Trike allows for growth and therefore Charlie should benefit from its use for the foreseeable future.

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