Isabella receives largest ever grant award made by Red Eagle Foundation

Suffering from severe cerebral palsy affecting her whole body, Isabella has very little control over her movement and needs full postural support. Over the last year, Isabella has had lots of complications with her chest and respiratory system which have resulted in a number of hospital and intensive care admissions. She has not been at school since before the summer break in 2018.

Isabella trialed an Acheeva learning station, which is similar to a bed but can be used to support a child in a multitude of positions – back, front and side lying, sitting up, tilted. What’s more, the equipment is ‘adult size’ so would service Isabella for life. The bed is narrow and therefore easy to move and access the entire house. The equipment proved to be life changing, reducing the complications and minimising the physical workload by her family. They immediately applied to the foundation for a £6,688 grant to fund the equipment.

Four months on and now installed, it means Isabella has a piece of equipment which enables her to rest or sit up and move between the two with minimal handling, it also means she is now back at school.

Her teacher, Gemma Shipp, from Meadowfield School in Sittingbourne said, “ The Acheeva bed has helped support Isabella in coming back to school and joining in many activities – she is clearly enjoying the learning station and interacting with adults.”

Wayne Hodgson, Chairman of Trustees said, “This is the largest single grant award the Foundation has made to date and one that has clearly made a huge difference to both Isabella and her family – We wish them well for the future.”