New trike gives Willow independence and freedom

“Willow can now play alongside other children her age, she is no longer crawling around on the floor; instead she’s on her little bike, just like her friends, being able to go wherever she wants. The new trike gives her independence and freedom, and unlike her walker or wheelchair, the trike looks just like a ‘normal’ bike which stops the many questions from children which can create awkward moments when out and about. Now we can just focus on having fun!”  This is what her mum Emmy said, a couple of weeks after receiving her new bespoke trike, funded by the Red Eagle Foundation.

Willow has Spina bifida, Hydrocephalus and Chiari malformation. She can not walk or stand due to spinal defect and has little to no muscle tone on her glutes and hamstrings. The new trike will help strengthen these as much as possible, to try and achieve some form of mobility, even if just round the house – all in a fun way.

The trike will last Willow for about 4 years (depending on growth). By this time other physio and activities will hopefully have her ‘walking’ to an extent with the help of a walker supplied by the NHS.

We wish Willow every success with her new trike.