Suffering from Dyslexia and subjected to severe bullying, Leanne finally gets help

Fourteen year old Leanne is educated at home, to get away from the severe bullying she was subjected to, due to her cognitive disabilities (severe Dyslexia).

Her mum, Lorraine, was keen to have Leanne assessed at the Ashford Dyslexia Centre, but with her and her husband being disabled and no with NHS funding, she felt she was facing a losing battle. “The assessment will open doors, and allow her to have assistance at college where she can forge not only a career, but confidence and friends,” said Lorraine.

She approached the Red Eagle Foundation, who has since funded the £450 assessment and a further £570 to fund IGSCE’s in English and Maths.

Leanne has since had her assessment, which confirmed the Dyslexia and identified other conditions. We wish Leanne all the best.

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